Music Man Callbacks


6:30 Start Time (since previously listed as 7pm,
you won’t be penalized if you come at 7pm)


Callbacks are for people who need to be seen again.
If your name is not listed below, please also check the cast list on Friday.


I know there are a lot of people here, but you are all in the running and are
making our job tough! Thanks for bringing your best to auditions.


Below is an alphabetical list of callbacks, followed by a list of the specific part or
parts that you are called back for. After that are the songs by character you will
need to be able to sing tonight. Soundtracks are available for free on places like Spotify
if you need them as a reference.


Charlie, Mary, Nora, and Molly


Callback List (Alphabetical Order)

Kathy Allen
Emily Bial
Timothy Burns
Logan Claassen-Wilson
Tony Console
Christoph Cording
Alexis Daggett
Beth Dearinger
Crosby Dold
Abby Groves
Joyce Harrison
Chris Hatfield
Lindsey Hefty
Sonja Holmgren
Hays Hummel
Brynn Kelly
Patrick Kelly
Patch Kesten
Jim LaRocca
Liliana Lorenzo
Katie Meyer
Robin Michael
Julie Noonan
Kate O’Keefe
Chris Pendry
Jordan Pine
Ember Rahija
Maggie Ramirez
Lynne Renick
David Riehn
Julia Ruddy
Jake Shew
Kyle Tichenor
Jim Tuchscherer
Brian Williams
Madeline Williams


Callback List (by Part)


Marcellus - Timothy Burns / Christoph Cording / Chris Hatfield / Jim LaRocca


Mrs. Paroo/Eulalie - Kathy Allen / Beth Dearinger / Joyce Harrison / Robin Michael / Julie Noonan / Lynne Renick


Marian - Sonja Holmgren / Katie Meyer / Maggie Ramirez


Tommy - Logan Claason-Wilson / Hays Hummel / Patch Kesten / Chris Pendry / Jake Shew


Zaneeta - Emily Bial / Alexis Daggett / Crosby Dold / Lindsey Hefty / Brynn Kelly / Liliana Lorenzo / Katie Meyer / Kate O’Keefe / Jordan Pine


Winthrop - Patch Kesten / Jake Shew


Amaryllis - Alexis Daggett / Abby Groves / Ember Rahija / Julia Ruddy / Madeline Williams


Quartet - Tony Console / Christoph Cording / Chris Hatfield / Jim LaRocca / David Riehn / Kyle Tichenor / Jim Tuchscherer / Brian Williams


Harold - Christoph Cording / Chris Hatfield / Patrick Kelly / Jim Tuchscherer / Brian Williams


List of songs by Character


Harold – #5 “Ya Got Trouble” – the beginning of the song.
#16 “The Sadder But Wiser Girl” – the beginning of the sung part of the song

Marian – #23 “My White Knight” - the last 18 measures

Marcellus – # 29 “Shipoopi” – the beginning of the song.

Quartet – #14 “Ice Cream/Sincere” – the beginning of the song.-whichever part fits your vocal range

Mrs. Paroo – #7 “If You Don't Mind My Saying So” – the part at the end that is her only

Winthrop – #36 “Gary, Indiana” – the beginning of the song.

Charlie Cowell/Salesmen - #3 “Rock Island” the beginning of the song.

Marian & Harold - #39 "Till There Was You”