Acting Companies meet once a week for 8 weeks.
4:15- 5:45 • Cost per student $170

Scholarships available.

8 Week Acting Companies


JUCO: Junior Acting Company:
Grades 1-6

Tuesdays: January 7th -March 4th

Once Upon a Grapevine

Rumors and gossip spread quickly through this fairy tale forest! The story of Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf gets blown out of proportion each time it is retold by a different character. Everyone from Rapunzel and the Three Little Pigs to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs gets involved in the comical retelling and dramatic reenactment of the tale!

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Free performance for friends and family on Tuesday,
March 4th at 5pm!

crazy town

ADCO: Advanced Acting Company: Grades 6+

Thursdays: January 9th - March 13th

Wecome to CrazyTown

Take a tour of the strangest town in America direct from the WOMG action news team! Weather, sports and late breaking stories will keep you up to date in this series of comedy scenes! The nicest guy in town has been issued a strange ultimatum, and the animal shelter is looking to find homes for some interesting pets. Tune in for more as we Welcome you to Crazytown, where our motto is ..."Welcome to Crazytown".

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Free performance for friends and family on Thursday, March 13th at 5pm.

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