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SOTI- School's Out! Theatre's IN!
For grades 1-5 • 9am -4pm

SCHOOL'S OUT, THEATRE'S IN (SOTI) is a fun and exciting program designed to take advantage of your children's day off from school to flextheir brain muscles in a different and entertaining way -- in the theatre!
Through acting exercises, costume creation, and prop-making, endless possibilities await every child that enters. And don't forget to bring a sack lunch to keep those brain cells a-buzzin'!

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2014 SOTI Summer Camp Schedule

Monday - Friday • Grades 1-5 • 9-4pm
Kids going INTO first and sixth grades after summer are able to enroll as well
$170- scholarships available

Pirate parrot

"Treasure Island: Young pirates of the Caribbean"
June 16 - 20

Ahoy, me hearties! Robert Louis Stevenson's classic adventure "Treasure Island" comes to the stage and is adapted just for kids. This fun new musical adventure will combine script reading, improv, dance and songs for our young pirates to perform. Characters include Long John Silver and his talking parrot, Billy Bones, Ben Gunn, and a band of island natives, and of course young Jim Hawkins, an ordinary boy looking for adventure. In addition, costumes and sets, props and crafts will be keeping the crew with all hands on deck!
Performance will be Friday at 3pm.

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"Critters of Cactus Creek"
July 14 - 18

Come on down to Cactus Creek, just a two-horse town in the wild west with a ton of tales to tell. Discover the Mystery at Minion Mine, lend a hand for Bill Barnaby's Barn-raising, and find out the secret ingredient of Sissy's Superb Sassafras Stew! Actors will also create their own stories for the residents of Cactus Creek - comedy, hijinks, and alliteration are required!
Performance at 3pm on Friday.

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spartan warrior

"Aesop's Foibles"
August 4-8th

The ancient greek storyteller Aesop just can't keep his fables straight! As he travels from Sparta to Athens and his stories come alive, he struggles to make sense of all of his characters - Was it the rabbit who cried wolf, or the wolf who cried boy?! Who won the race between the tortoise and the bear? None of his familiar tales seem to make sense! Jam-packed with clever dialogue, uproarious twists, Aesop's Foibles retells the fables like you've never quite heard them before and offers a heart-warming surprise ending to wrap up the play the way Aesop would've like it... with a meaningful moral!
Performance on Friday at 3pm

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