Auditions at Theatre Lawrence


General Audition information:


Scripts available at the Box Office with a $10 deposit.


Vocal auditions: Please prepare approximately 16 measures of music to sing.

(Okay to be from musical you are audtioning for or another.) BRING SHEET MUSIC. NO A CAPELLA.
An accompanist will be provided. Not Required for Noises Off auditions


Wear clothing good for movement.


Reading: Auditioners will be asked to read passages from the play/musical they are auditioning for.

No Head shots necessary.


Coming Next:
Music Man- April 17 & 18 at 7:00 pm

Next auditions: Noises Off


Auditions: March 6-7 at 7:00 PM both evenings.

Farce by Michael Frayn

Enjoy both onstage and backstage views of a manic menagerie! A cast of itinerant actors is rehearsing a flop called Nothing's On. Doors slamming, on and offstage intrigue, and an errant herring all figure in the plot of this hilarious and classically comic play that is spectacularly funny!


SHOWS: April 21-30

Directed by Jason Smith

Auditions: March 6-7 at 7pm

Roles for 4 women, 5 Men

LLOYD DALLAS – The director of Nothing On, the play within the play. Lloyd is passionate, suave, and harried. He is temperamental as he watches his production go from bad to worse to disaster. He is secretly dating both Brooke and Poppy.
DOTTY OTLEY – A middle-aged prima donna. Her money is funding the production, however she has trouble remembering things. Dotty is having an affair with the much younger Garry. She plays the part of Mrs. Clackett, a cockney housekeeper, hospitable, though slow.
GARRY LEJEUNE – Means well and tries to keep the show going but stutters. Has a romantic interest in Dotty, and is driven by jealousy to attack Freddy repeatedly. His speech impediment disappears onstage. Garry plays the part of Roger a real estate agent who is attempting to rent the house.
BROOK ASHTON – Young and sexy, but a terrible actress. Brooke is incapable of taking direction. She is spacey and tuned-out – whether onstage or off. Constantly losing her contact lenses. Brooke is secretly dating Lloyd. She plays Vicki.
POPPY NORTON-TAYLOR – The assistant stage manager; overworked and often on the verge of tears. She works frantically to keep the show from completely falling apart. Having an affair with Lloyd.
FREDERICK FELLOWES – A neurotic, bumbling actor but a sweet man. Violence and blood upset him, causing him to faint or get nosebleeds. He plays Phillip Brent, and also plays the Sheikh, who is the spitting image of Phillip.
BELINDA BLAIR – An experienced actress who is positive, reliable, and charming. She is a goodhearted busybody and attempts to keep the show going as it unravels. She plays the part of Flavia.
TIM ALLGOOD – The Company’s long-suffering stage manager who is completely exhausted and sleep-deprived. He’s responsible for an inhuman number of tasks and forced to understudy everybody.
SELSDON MOWBRAY - A cheerful, elderly, alcoholic who forgets his lines and misses his entrances. The entire cast attempts to keep him from getting his hands on a bottle. Plays the part of an elderly burglar.