A Story...
by Noel, the Elf


Twas the days before curtain,
And all through the town,
Businesses awaited for the TL
Xmas display to come 'round.

My driver's a Grinch
and complains to the core,
that displaying my glitz
Is too much of a chore

"Take me from place to place," I say
"I know that you can..."
She cries- "But you don't fit in the MINI,
I'll have to Rent-a-van!"

"On to Dillons, to Britts, now on to The Toy Store!
To shops, to restaruants and banks and more!"
I cry to my driver
to get the pedal to the floor.

But some trouble arose-
as on my next stop,
letters on my marquee
were completely ripped off!

display at Dillons
Jack with Noel

So back to the workshop
we left in a rush,
where shopkeeper Jack
was ready with glue and a brush.

Since my driver kept bonking
my head in the door,
Jack gingerly braced
my poor neck that was sore.


At the entrance to the Toy Store
she bonked me again,
But being here was wonderful
with other bright toys and friends.

Then I proudly sat
in a window downtown
as the night lit up
as Thursday shoppers came 'round.


Noel at Britts


Little village that needed to be reshoveled each trip.

Before long I'm transported
to a delightful restaurant
near our new building site!

As December moves onward
its getting colder and colder,
Driver moves me to the Bank
like a good frozen soldier.

Broken Noel
Her grumbling gets louder and louder,
as snot drips from her nose.
Her cursing is almost poetic,
Like Howard-Stern-ian prose.



Blue Skies

But as families attended
with children in tow,
Word spread like wildfire:
What a fabulous show!

As the show sold out
night after night,
I knew my business tour finale
was nearly in sight.

White Christmas ended
with a resounding success.
I told driver to give it a rest.

"Take me to shopkeeper Jack,
your duties are done!
He'll get me off this darn globe
and we can all have some fun!"


But I thought to myself,
now what is there to do?
After helping Santa_
I'm going to Peru!

There Once was an Elf
That went to Peru.....
Noel on roof in Peru

Stay tuned for pics of Noel in Peru!!


more pics of Noel's retirement in Peru

Thank you to all of our Traveling Display Participants!

MainStreet Credit Union


Lawrence Public Library


The Toy Store



First State Bank

JC Penny's

Intrust Bank

US Bank




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