Church Basement Ladies


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Book by Jim Stowell and Jessica Zuehlke; Music and Lyrics by Drew Jansen

With recipes, food and camaraderie, this funny, and heart warming musical invites you to join the ladies of the church kitchen as they stave off potential disasters, ensure ½ pound butter per guest, sing the Pale Food Polka and generally keep the pastor on course. 


SHOWS: March 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11, 12



Mrs Snustad (Vivian) -  Susan Hires
Mrs Elroy Engelson (Karin) -  Kim Polson
Mrs Gilmer Gilmerson (Mavis) -  Sarah Young
Signe Engelson (Beverly) -  Jillian Miller
Pastor E. L. Gunderson -   Steven Fendt

Directed by Doug Weaver
Music Director: Patricia Ahern
Choreographer: Molly Gordon

Featured Artist: Deb & Paul Chausee
Audio Described Performance: March 11 & 12, What's this?


Inspired by our production of Church Basement Ladies, we contacted area churches as well as theatre patrons and staff to share their favorite recipes. We will share these delicious recipies with you in "Our Community's Cookn' cookbook" Pre-Order your copy today!